Planning Tool Kit

Natural Resources

Washtenaw County's natural resources provide a clean and abundant supply of groundwater and surface water, unique scenic beauty and natural landscapes for parks and recreation opportunities. Learn how to preserve these features.
Water Protection Land Protection
Groundwater management Purchase of Development Rights
Stormwater management Habitat protection and restoration
Floodplain and stream corridor Woodlands protection
Watershed restoration project Wetlands protection
Water quality audit checklist -   Model wetlands ordinance

Soil erosion and sedimentation control

- HRWC Model Buffer Ordinance

- Riparian Forest Buffer Technical Specs

-   Model Guide to ordinance guide

About Purchase of Development Rights (PDR)
PDR is a land protection tool that pays landowners to protect their land from development and is used most often to preserve agriculture and natural features. It is a voluntary program through which a government agency or non-profit organization buys the development rights from a landowner in exchange for limiting development on that land in the future.

  View sample PDR ordinances for: Webster Township or Dexter Township

The Ann Arbor Greenbelt program is accepting PDR applications for owners of land within the Greenbelt District.
You can also apply for the Michigan Agricultural Preservation Fund PDR.

For more information
- Huron River Watershed Council - Michigan Department of Environmental Quality 
- Michigan Department of Natural Resources The Office of the Drain Commissioner
- Sierra Club - Huron Valley Group -   Washtenaw Land Trust